Steiner Waldorf Doll - Blonde Boy Large

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This cheeky blonde boy Steiner Waldorf doll is our large version and is handmade by artisans in the Himalayas who are Tibetan refugees and local Indians. He has blue eyes, Caucasian skin and blonde hair. He wears a colourful button up shirt and trendy overalls.

Male dolls give boys the chance to explore nurturing and connecting with others opens up opportunities for them to build important life skills. Unfortunately, boys have been discouraged from playing with “girl” items for decades, but they will become nurturers and may become fathers too!

Steiner Waldorf Dolls are the type of doll used in Steiner Waldorf classrooms and home settings using traditional European doll-making techniques. You don’t need to follow Steiner’s educational philosophies or Waldorf education methods to appreciate the beauty of these toys though. They are handmade from all natural fibres that are comforting to hold and touch. This doll's hair is made from strands of pure wool and the ‘skin’ from 100% cotton knit. The product is filled with 100% Himalayan sheep’s wool and can be hand-washed. The clothing is mostly cotton. All garments can be removed and we will have additional outfits available soon.

The facial features of a Waldorf doll are left intentionally simple. Features usually consist of two eyes and a hint of a mouth. Some Waldorf dolls may have no features at all! This allows a child to use his or her imagination to imagine the doll's expression. Sometimes a doll may get sad. It’s hard to imagine that when the doll has a smile painted on her/his face. This also becomes emotionally validating when a child has other emotions other than 'happy' and wanting to find comfort in their doll.

Steiner Waldorf toys and other handmade, natural toys inspire open play – play led by the child rather than play that follows a specific motion to a pre-determined outcome. Steiner Waldorf toys join the stories a child tells in his mind, and they stimulate a child’s imagination rather than bringing a child out of her own world into an assembly-line play experience. Natural, simple toys can be more than one thing.

All of our Steiner Waldorf dolls are exquisitely handcrafted, in line with the Steiner Waldorf tradition and we aspire to bring utmost joy into the heart of your child. Each doll is individually handmade by one woman from beginning to end, starting with cutting, stitching and filling the doll, to finally sewing on the hair and face. Since each doll develops its own distinctive personality, creating them becomes a delightful achievement for the maker, a unique toy for a child and a precious reminder of Tibet’s threatened identity. From our Doll Makers, "Our dolls are not just gifts to those who receive them, but also to us who make them."

You know we love natural materials, not just because cotton, wool, silk, wood and other natural materials are renewable and therefore sustainable, but because natural materials enhance a child’s experience of nature. A child can experience natural toys through all of their senses, or most of them. Natural materials are safe, look beautiful, smell nice and feel warm to the touch.

As children have the need to identify themselves with their most cherished doll, they might prefer one resembling their own features. With this in mind, we are rapidly growing our selection to give you even more choices! Please email us at if you would like a doll with different coloured hair, skin or ethnicity than we have available. We can generally accommodate your needs, or similar, in our next family of dolls to arrive here at Play to Grow. If you would like a custom order doll with specific features, colouring and/or ethnicity, we can offer a custom order for an additional fee, (this may take up to 6-10 weeks, keep this in mind).

Please note: While maintaining the description of this doll, due to the handcrafted nature, each doll will vary slightly and fabrics used for the garments are frequently changed. Your doll will have the same distinct style as this doll pictured, ie. same hair-style, hair colour, skin colour and eye colour, but may differ slightly and have its own unique characteristics and outfit. Although your doll won't be the 'exact' doll you see in the photograph, it will be very similar and just as beautiful and well-made. We believe this is what gives our Steiner Waldorf dolls their charm and individual personality! 

Approx. 36cm tall (large). Steiner Waldorf Doll - Blonde Boy Small (28cm) is also available.
See photo of large and small doll together to see comparison of Large and Small sizing.

Recommended Age: 12 months +

about the steiner waldorf doll initiative

Our Steiner Waldorf dolls are unique creations by women who are Tibetan refugees and local Indian villagers living in the Northern Indian Himalayas. This project aims to empower its artisans by training them in new skills and creating meaningful, income generating and enjoyable work opportunities within a homely and supportive environment. Additionally, Tibet’s endangered culture is sought to be preserved with personalised Tibetan and Steiner Waldorf inspired products.

The workshop is a small-scale, self sufficient, socially aware enterprise which abides by fairtrade principles. It has been built around the needs of women within the community and the culture within the workshop encourages cross-cultural understanding and social integration, an important aspect of refugee life.

Many of the women approaching the initiative are in financial need and very eager to work, but lack any formal education and training or have long been unemployed. Some of the Tibetan women, especially the newly-arrived refugees, hardly speak Hindi or English, and therefore have few chances of employment. Also, many Indian women have demanding domestic commitments and find it difficult to combine these with standard work schedules.

This project tries to address these varying needs by providing flexible working hours, a supportive environment, and training individuals in accordance to their existing skills and potential.

A woman who is experienced in basic needlework, has a ‘good eye’ and keen interest in handicrafts, which many have as part of their traditional upbringing, might learn the whole doll-making process as quickly as three months.

As every trainee starts working alongside an experienced Doll Maker, everyone learns step-by-step according to their own skills and timeframe. The individual creation of a beautiful doll is a rewarding activity, which gives confidence and a sense of achievement to women often lacking self-esteem or even basic communication skills in a foreign environment. As the project retains an informal atmosphere, and the making of the dolls regularly demands team-work, it is easy to overcome initial inhibitions and language barriers.

This initiative distinguishes itself by being particularly attractive to women and offering Tibetan refugees an emotional connection to their homeland as they create culturally relevant handicrafts. Also by using pure Himalayan sheep wool for many of its products, the local pastoral industry is supported and provided with a healthy work environment for its team.

‘We see our Doll Makers grow in confidence and their sense of self worth. Their eyes and smiles say it all when a doll they’ve finished is admired. The skills they learn are empowering, the money they take home spells a new-found independence and their social interactions across our diverse community benefits not only our team but the wider society.’

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