Pikler Slide / Ramp (for Pikler Triangle)

Play to Grow

Based on research by Dr. Emmi Pikler and supported by RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers), Pikler, Montessori and Steiner / Waldorf philosophies, our Pikler Slide / Ramp (for use with our Pikler Triangle Climbing Frame) stands out from the rest as it can be used and kept outdoors as well as indoors. It's quality is unsurpassed, crafted from premium grade marine-grade plywood by award winning furniture craftsmen in Europe (where the design for this piece originated!). It's worth the investment as it will last you at least 5 years, longer with siblings, and is such a versatile unit to support natural motor development. Paired with the Pikler Triangle Climbing Frame, it continues to challenge and grow with children as their developmental needs evolve.

Our Pikler Slide / Ramp is solid and sturdy, designed to withstand the use within a kindergarten or childcare centre and to last generations. It is natural wood in colour and finished with all-natural linseed oil, a safe choice for babies. All the edges are hand-sanded to create a curved, safe and comfortable edge to each piece of wood. So much love and consideration have gone into creating the best quality version of this favourite as possible.

The Slide / Ramp is designed specifically for use with the Pikler Triangle Climbing Frame (sold separately) and together especially spikes children's curiosity. They have the choice to adjust the climbing angle depending on their ability and courage, as well as to choose smooth part of the ramp to climb up or slide down or the side with rungs. There are so many variations to suit the wobbly beginner right through to expert climbers. The Slide / Ramp can also become horizontal walking planks balanced between two or more Pikler Triangles, at chosen height, to create more intricate obstacle courses.

Used with the Pikler Triangle Climbing Frame, this piece of play equipment is one of the most versatile and useful items for developing motor skills. It provides a safe environment for children to develop all sorts of skills appropriate for their age. By providing challenges for spatial awareness and climbing, the frame and slide / ramp support gross motor development, concentration, self-confidence, autonomy and achievement. Exercising their bodies on this piece of equipment gives children a sense of place of their body in space where they have an opportunity to test, retest and perfect their climbing abilities using their whole body in different ways.

Children's imaginations will also create many more innovative uses for the frame and slide / ramp, like a cubby / house (sheets or silks are perfect for this), as a barrier within a play space, ramps for their favourite toys and vehicles, landing strips, doll / character house, a magical tunnel or passage to somewhere else. It's great to hang clothes, decorate for special celebrations, hang presents on or attach children's artwork to. It's all in the imagination!

Dimensions: 150cm long x 50cm wide x 3.5cm high 
Pikler Triangle Climbing Frame sold separately.
No assembly required.

Recommended Age: 6 months - 5 years

about play to grow toys and play equipment

Play to Grow offer a growing range of custom made toys and play equipment. We design and work with talented craftspeople globally to create quality products.

Based on the research of Dr Emmi Pikler, paediatrician, and Magda Gerber, child therapist, Play to Grow, together with award winning furniture craftsmen in Europe, have brought to life these designs for play equipment for infants to 5/6 year olds. The Pikler / RIE philosophies are fundamentally based on respect, not only respecting babies and children, but demonstrating respect in every interaction with them. Respecting a child means treating even the youngest infant as a unique human being, not as an object. RIE fosters an authentic child who is one who feels secure, autonomous, and competent. The RIE philosophy and Dr Pikler's research stresses the importance importance of allowing the baby / child to move freely and develop in their own time without adult interference. Key to this is a safe, challenging and predictable environment. These pieces of play equipment are designed to provide the necessary challenge in a safe way and empowers babies and children to develop naturally through their milestones, supporting gross motor skill development in a non-restrictive way. Fully and appropriately developed motor skills are the foundation for a child's healthy growth, both physically and mentally and also emotionally given the self-confidence and autonomy the process instills.

Furthermore, spontaneous, self-initiated exploration by babies / children has an essential value for their physical and mental development in that the pleasure evolving from exploration and mastery is self-reinforcing. Subsequently, the infant becomes intrinsically motivated to learn. This way of allowing babies and children to move and learn naturally ensures they develop balance and judgement about what they can and cannot do so they will not put themselves in situations they cannot manage. These pieces of play equipment are also often be included in the Montessori, Steiner / Waldorf and Reggio Emilia learning environments, and how wonderful this is, they all share an intrinsic respect and trust in children to develop and learn.

The nervous system has aspects of plasticity and as it develops, a balance between gross motor activities and neural patterning occurs. Each movement and transitional phase (body posturing between movements such as crawling or sitting) helps mold the nervous system in its development. The patterning that occurs is specific to each child’s own development, and the transitional phases between each movement are often more important than the final outcome (for example, sitting or standing). Parents often want their child to “progress” as quickly as possible with their neuromuscular and intellectual development. However, the understanding of a child's physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs, grounded in 60 years of ongoing research and observation at the Pikler Institute in Budapest, Hungary and at Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) in Los Angeles, California, supports the need to allow children to move within the transitional stages between each posture in their own time. These transitional stages are of great importance to the child’s neuromuscular development, as well as their psychological development. Each child has their own individual developmental timetable, and each step they take along the way is their body’s way of integrating itself into the world.

Play to Grow are passionate about natural materials, quality design, and eradicating the devastating impact of chemicals on our children. All our products are eco-friendly, natural, safe, non-toxic and ethically made from sustainable resources. We love our Mother Earth!

Our products aim to stimulate children to achieve higher levels of intellectual, emotional and physical development whilst embedding values - mind, body and spirit. We support Steiner/Waldorf, Montessori, RIE / Pikler and Reggio Emilia approaches to respect and nurture the whole child.

Play to Grow is all about the child at heart in everyone, fostering enchantment, beauty, spirit and wonder. With an innate reverence for children and the natural environment, our range allows children's imaginations to shine and nurtures creativity and individuality. 

Every child on our planet is unique and deserving. We carefully source fair trade suppliers that help developing global communities, and support fellow family businesses. We offer you an exclusive collection that is unique, full of charm and not found in mainstream stores.

Happy playing!

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