Mr Ladybird Elf - Large

Himalayan Journey

Mr Ladybird Elf holds the Spirit of the Ladybird to bring blessings of luck and joy. Ladybird energy helps shield and protect from negativity, so it's Mr Ladybird Elf's job to protect the kingdom, villages and all the woodlands from any evil. They say in Faeryland, whenever you see a ladybird, make a wish as you have been blessed with luck! This adorable eco-friendly faery character is made from all-natural felt made from 100% Australian and New Zealand wool and handmade in Nepal with fair trade practices. Ideal for imaginative play with our interactive felt Faery play mats, felt Faery houses and perfect to inhabit our beautiful eco wooden treehouses. Collect and create your own magical elemental village! Also beautiful as decor for your little one's nursery / bedroom.

This is a 100% handmade product so each is slightly individual, giving them their charm and beauty.

Approx. 30cm tall (large). Mr Ladybird Elf will also be available in Small (13cm) soon.

Recommended Age: 3 years +

felt care instructions

If you find some of your felt a bit out of shape after transportation, this is very normal and no need to worry! Felt is a wonderful, all-natural material that can be moulded back into shape. Just use your hands and give it a bend, twist and a bit of a massage and it will be back to normal in no time at all.

about himalayan journey

Himalayan Journey is an ethical Australian family run business that began in 2005. Husband and wife team, Miranda and Lobsang wanted to create a business that had its roots in the Himalayas that would support local Himalayan communities and work to teach and empower in a fair trade work environment. With Lobsang being a Tibetan refugee, they wanted to make a difference to the people of his homeland. So this is how it all started. It then grew into a felt factory in the mountains of Tibet, creating natural, hand-crafted, magical products for children to run wild with their imagination. The owners return regularly to oversee the production of their beautiful felt products, support local handcraft and assist local villages and schools, as well as spend time with their felters who are now like family.

Himalayan Journey supports a local school in Tibet, a very poor village school, perched high on top of a mountain in the region of Amdo. Last year Himalayan Journey purchased all the school children's uniforms, books, bags and pencils, and we will continue to help support the poor local Tibetan communities.

All products are hand felted and hand sewn. The felt is made from 100% wool, sourced from Australia and New Zealand. Himalayan Journey feel very fortunate to now own their very own Felt company in Kathmandu, so they have complete control over everything, from the quality of the products to how well their felters are looked after. It is a wonderful working environment for the women, many have young children and are welcomed to bring them to work with them. It is a divine gift to be able to create an opportunity for underprivileged women and their families with the whimsical world of felt!

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